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Title: Heath Scheckinger: Navigating the Realities of Consensual Non-Monogamy

Subtitle: Exploring Polyamory and Ethical Relating

Meta Description: Clinical psychologist Heath Scheckinger examines polyamory and consensual non-monogamy, chronicling the practical realities and ethical dilemmas in these alternative relationship styles while exploring cultural biases and the pull towards normalcy in relating.

Dear Listener,

I’m delighted to share my recent enlightening discussion with clinical psychologist Dr. Heath Schechinger. Heath is doing pioneering breakthrough work in the emerging area of consensual non-monogamy.

Heath sheds light on realities beyond traditional monogamy. Have you ever felt there must be more to relationships than the status quo? Many face tensions between desiring security with a partner and craving novelty and expansion. Heath explores how consensual non-monogamy can create space to ethically navigate these dual longings.

Rather than seeing differences as deficient, Heath calls us to approach diverse relationship orientations with openness. He traces society's progression in accepting interracial relationships, same-sex relationships, and more. We must extend that same neutral curiosity to exploring consensual non-monogamy.

Heath dives into the logistics of how polyamory functions day-to-day. Most common is separate relationships with agreements to date others. He notes practical limits on the number of partners one can truly sustain. Navigating jealousy comes down to honoring agreements and mutual care for each partner's needs.

Beyond just sex, Heath emphasizes the ethics of honoring commitments. Deception erodes integrity and trust, whereas open communication allows us to navigate desires compassionately. Heath sees consensual non-monogamy as bringing light to attractions we commonly deny, enabling more authentic relating.

I found Heath to be thoughtful, pragmatic and solutions-oriented - a pioneer lighting the way for others. Tune into our conversation as we unpack assumptions about relationships and reflect on what it means to live fully, ethically and with an open heart.

Golden light,

Dr. Richard Louis Miller